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Our Services

           Experience is what really matters in the service industry. We have offered services to all departments, from providing specialised solutions in the field of Accounts and finance to staffing and outsourcing services. 


We are engaged in financial consulting for various aspects to deliver high impact results. We expertise in financial sector with Chartered Accountants, Financial Planners, CFA’s, MBA Finance, MBA Marketing, etc. to help our clients achieve their goals.


We have a strong talent pool to provide services to our clients by taking over their non-core tasks and providing consistent, on-time services within their budget, so that they can focus on their core strengths.


Flexible, responsive, temporary staffing support to suit our clients' specific business needs. With trained employees they get continuity of operations guaranteed.

Referral and Advisory Services

We at Omnisource provide various types of referral services and solutions to help you achieve your business goals through external collaborations. Be it in the form of Business, Financial, Communication and Marketing, Human Resources or Information Technology, our advisory services are here for you.